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Hello, I'm Jeremy

I'm a proud theatre artist hailing from Seattle in the great state of Washington. I grew up singing showtunes in the car with my parents and that passion has guided me ever since.  After over a decade of singing the musical canon, I began to develop my voice as a writer and contribute to the musical theater landscape.  I’ve been enamored by the fantastic places these stories can take us, whether that place is a thrilling kick line or a vulnerable soliloquy.  I seek to create work that inspires existentialist hope for uncertain times and uplifts Asian-American voices in theater.

I’m an alumni of the National Musical Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.  I graduated with my degree in Musical Theatre from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  My time at these institutions has gifted me with so much that I hope to carry with me as I go forward.

Offstage, music continues to be a part of my life.  I’m an avid piano player, and enjoy picking up fun Tori Amos pieces and musical theatre songs to play.  I also take a lot of pride in my drawing.  It’s a hobby going back to my kindergarten doodles (not pictured because of “reasons”) and I now carry my set of pencils with me in my travels so I can be prepared to get my hands dirty with graphite and charcoal.

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