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Buried Deep Cover Art.png
Music, Lyrics, and Book by
Jeremy Berdin

Buried Deep

"Ruri is a Japanese-American woman falling short of every expectation and stumbling along from day to day.  But one fateful night, she is roped into a feud between the ghosts of her ancestors: a noblewoman from the fall of Japan’s shogunate and a man interned in the US during WWII.  Can she make peace with these two wounded souls, while making peace with herself?"

Buried Deep is a project that began during my time at the National Musical Theatre Institute.  What started as a dozen pages of libretto became a full script with a musical score. And thanks to support from Drake Theatre People, direction from Sydney Crutcher, accompaniment by Elaine Wedeking, and a wonderful cast; this show got it's first virtual production in the face of COVID closures in 2020.

After a few years of sitting in my back pocket, I'm excited to be working on this show again!  I've learned a lot in the time since this show debuted, and I want to take those things and breathe new life into this musical from top to bottom.  This is a story of self-worth, expectation, and lineage.  I hope you'll join me on this ride as I revitalize this show, and keep checking back to this page for updates!

Listen to the songs!
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