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Music, Lyrics, and Book by
Jeremy Berdin

Buried Deep

"A mother and son live their stagnant and emotionally distant lives when someone bursts in with artifacts from their family's past. As these relics open up old wounds within their family, they must find a way to reconcile their identities despite the generational rift between them.  Buried Deep tells a century old conflict of race and identity and the consequences it has for one family living in the modern day.  It asks the question of how long these problems can be ignored and whether they're worth facing alone."

Buried Deep is a project that began during my time at the National Musical Theatre Institute.  What started as a dozen pages of libretto has become a full script with a musical score. I'm very grateful for all of the support people have given for this musical on its journey to mount its first staged reading.  This is a story that I've been wanting to tell for a while, so I hope you'll come along for the ride, wherever this musical goes!

Thanks to support from Drake Theatre People, Buried Deep had a successful virtual reading despite campus closures.  With direction from Sydney Crutcher, accompaniment by Elaine Wedeking, and a wonderful cast, this musical has taken an important first step in its development.  Keep checking back to this page as this show continues on its journey!

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