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New Songs - "Read, Brother"

Thousand Faced Theatre Company

A new song is available for listening, through my friends at Thousand Faced Theatre Company! This song was inspired by the works of Filipino-American writer, Carlos Bulosan. His semi-autobiographical novel, America is in the Heart, details his journey from the Philippines to the United States, where he fought for the rights of immigrant laborers. Over half a century later, his writings and activism remain important in the narrative of Asian-American history. “Read, Brother” depicts a young Carlos living in Binalonan, a rural area of the Philippines. With his family living in poverty, his brother, Luciano, stresses the importance of learning to read and write. Listen to the song demo on TFTC's newsletter here. Special thanks to Sydney Crutcher, Peyton Johnson, Dina Perez, and Cece Sanchez for singing backing vocals!


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