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From now thru October 31, 2021

For those who missed the original release of ABRAHAM'S LAND or want to experience this show again, I'm happy to share that the production will be available digitally for the duration of October! This release was compiled from livestreamed performances during this past summer, so we have the best footage from the production's run edited into one package.

The stream can be accessed by clicking here and will be using a "Pay What You Can" model. So I highly encourage you to check out this release while you can!

Now available for free on Youtube

In the Fall of 2020, I had the pleasure of being a part of this wonderful new musical and I am happy to announce that it is now available in full for general audiences, free of charge! "Nightingale: Regarding the Life and Passion of Miss Florence Nightingale" was written and composed by Pamela Gerke as a gift to nurses and healthcare workers across the world. It explores the life of Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War, as she boldly challenged the status quo to create a more modern and compassionate nursing practice. This show was created in remote recording sessions then edited together as a musical film for all the world to see.

This production is directed by Lauren Goldman Marshall and music directed by Sam Peters.

The editor and director of photography for this film is Ben Kerns, with sound design by Tom Fallat.

This independent film was produced by HEARTS: Health & Arts. They are currently still seeking donations to cover the final expenses of the film, and all contributions are appreciated. All funds are accepted through GoFundMe and HEARTS's own website.

July 15th - 17th @ 7pm, July 18th @ 2pm - Kirkland Performance Center, Kirkland WA + Online Livestreaming

Set against the backdrop of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, during the time of the First Intifada, and framed by the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, ABRAHAM’S LAND tells a story of atonement. Israeli Sergeant Yitzhak prides himself on righteous conduct, but when a Palestinian demonstration in Jerusalem appears threatening, he fatally shoots the provocateur, Ismail, only to realize that the victim was unarmed. Haunted by Ismail’s ghost, Yitzhak travels to Gaza to return Ismail’s identity card and ask forgiveness of his family. He must eventually choose between his desire to make amends and his duty to his country.

ABRAHAM’S LAND was originally created as a Jewish-Arab collaboration and further developed with Israeli and Palestinian teens at Seeds of Peace International Camp in the 1990s. This brand new incarnation features an exciting new libretto by Lauren Goldman Marshall and a score that will capture your heart by Pulitzer-nominated composer Roger Ames. ABRAHAM’S LAND holds a mirror up to who we think we are and asks us to see who we need to be.

Tickets are available at:

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