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Available now on all major streaming platforms!

My newest release is out in the world! Got some of your own angst and anxieties in your head? Queue this song up, add it to your favorite playlists, and let's all go a little insane together.

"Confetti" is available on all major streaming platforms, from Spotify to Apple Music to Youtube.

July 2023, at the 1st Annual Harrisburg Fringe Festival, Harrisburg PA

Together with my writing partners, Sydney Crutcher and Jimmy Kohlmann (Collectively, the Clothespin Ensemble), we are excited to announce the first presentation of our new musical, Paranoia!

"Overwhelmed and dealing with looming college applications, heartbreak and low-self esteem, the seniors of North Pond High enroll in a game of assassins as a chance to cut-loose and forget their daily stressors. This light-hearted family friendly show includes a wide array of characters, a brainy girl, a loner, a theatre kid, an athletic guy, a stressed out teacher and many more. Alliances will be forged, hearts will be broken, and teen angst will be had! Who will come out on top?"

Paranoia will be coming to the first annual Harrisburg Fringe Festival! We're proud to introduce the story of the show and present a selection of songs from the musical. Join us in early July for a wild ride as this show makes its onstage premiere!

Are you an actor who's in or around Harrisburg from June to early July? We want to hear from you! We're accepting submissions for performers through this link. We're looking for a diverse cast of singers of all races, genders, and voice types who are down to be a part of a low-key rehearsal process.

For updates on performances and the journey of the show, follow Clothespin Ensemble on Facebook and Instagram.

Available now on all major streaming platforms!

We're back in action, folks! I recently became a published artist on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other music platforms.

I originally wrote the song, "Feels Like Rain" for my new musical Buried Deep back in 2020, as well as performed the song in my Senior Recital at Drake University. I've now gotten the chance to share this song with a wider audience by releasing it as my first single!

Listen to it now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Amazon Music and add it to your favorite playlists to listen throughout the week. Follow me on those platforms as well as more updates are on their way!

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