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Now available on Youtube

A nerdy little project of mine. I wanted to practice writing musical theater songs for preexisting characters and doing some more orchestration in my songwriting (within what Garageband allows). I also happen to like "Hollow Knight" a fair bit, so why not have a little fun? So here’s a demo of a song about a dung beetle knight in a kingdom of insects!

Written, composed, and performed by Jeremy Berdin

Cover art drawn by Jeremy Berdin

Based on the music and melodies of Christopher Larkin, and Team Cherry's video game, "Hollow Knight"

Now available on Youtube

I premiered an original song during No Way Theatre's "Love Song Cabaret," and I'm happy to announce that a demo of this piece is now available on Youtube! If you're still in the Valentines spirit or are looking for new music to listen to, I encourage you to check it out!

February 12, 2021 - 5pm PST / 7pm CST

I am happy to have been invited to participate in No Way Theatre's online cabarets as a 2020/2021 company member! They will feature many different artists performing songs and monologues. Up next will be "The Love Song Cabaret" to get you in the mood for Valentines Day. I will also be performing an original song as part of this event, so make sure you catch this premiere! This cabaret will be streaming on Youtube and Facebook. If you want to catch the previous No Way Theatre cabarets, they are available on their Youtube Channel.

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