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Thank you for a Paranoia filled Weekend!

In February of 2021, Sydney Crutcher sent me the message, “I’ve started a musical masterpiece about a game of assassins.” In the two and a half years since, I’ve had the great fortune to join the writing team alongside Jimmy Kohlmann and this past week, witness PARANOIA’s first live performances! I have so many people to thank: our talented cast who brought this music and script to life, everyone who’s supported our show through GoFundMe; production resources; or generous word-of-mouth, Harrisburg Fringe Festival for giving us this performance opportunity, the audiences who turned out for TWO SOLD OUT SHOWS, and Sydney and Jimmy for being incredible writing/production partners (as well as gracious hosts this past week).

These feelings were best captured last week during my first in-person rehearsal with the cast. It was the first time I’ve been physically in the room to hear another person run with my music and our cast was singing “A New Gambit,” one of the songs I contributed to the show. Hearing them take the song and rock their 3-part harmony filled me with so much joy and gratitude that this show was happening.

Keep an eye on Clothespin Ensemble on Facebook and Instagram for more news. There is plenty more to come with PARANOIA, and we look forward to seeing you when the game begins anew!


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