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Breathing New Life into "Buried Deep"

I'm excited to announce that I'm revisiting my first original musical, Buried Deep! After conceiving this show at the National Musical Theatre Institute and putting on a virtual production at Drake University for my senior capstone, this musical had been living in my back pocket for the past four years.

However, I found my mind straying back to this script and the themes of what we pass down through the generations. But my mind was also alight with themes of self-worth and expectation. Not to mention, my songwriting has come a long way since my senior year of college. So the time felt right to take the outline of this show and breathe fresh life into it to make it something new:

"Ruri is a Japanese-American woman falling short of every expectation and stumbling along from day to day. But one fateful night, she is roped into a feud between the ghosts of her ancestors: a noblewoman from the fall of Japan’s shogunate and a man interned in the US during WWII. Can she make peace with these two wounded souls, while making peace with herself?"

AAPI Heritage Month felt like the perfect time to make new ground. Over the first half of the month, I've been releasing demos of new and revitalized songs so you can follow the show's journey. We still have the second half of May and more material to release, so follow me on Instagram and Soundcloud to catch new music from this show!

There are a lot of new directions I want to take this show, I hope you'll tune in for the ride! To give you a sense of where I'm going, listen to the opening number below:


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